Force5 Marine Protects Vessels from Corrosion

Force5 Marine Protects Vessels from Corrosion

RELEASE—For ship and vessel owners that struggle with corrosion caused by water, humidity, condensation, salt air and environmental contaminants, Force5 Marine works as corrosion inhibiter, lubricant and cleaner to protect engines and critical equipment and keep it in good working order.

The harsh marine environment costs an estimated $50-80 billion in corrosion related damage worldwide, and can lead to the failure of critical equipment including engines, fittings, valves, switches, lighting and electrical gear if not properly maintained.

The Force5 Marine spray protectant penetrates into metal parts to prevent rust and corrosion, while forming a bond that repels saltwater and other contaminants.

The spray can also be applied liberally to wiring, switches, circuit boards, electrical gear, battery terminals, as well as other electronic circuitry and connections to prevent corrosion and electrolysis. Due to its strong dielectric properties, it can also restore optimum electrical connection.

Force5 Marine is also a lubricant and cleaner, and can be used to remove dirt, grime, grease and even existing rust on metal parts and fasteners.

In addition to ongoing maintenance, Force5 Marine can be sprayed on engine components prior to long term storage or when winterizing.

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