Throw Out Your WD40 ect.

This is pretty amazing stuff. Once you use it, you will throw out your WD-40 etc. It REALLY works. Not just on metal but even on plastics. The gal at the RV show sprayed a HOT electrical connection then WITH HER hands put the entire connection in a clear plastic tub of water. We jumped back as we didn't want her to 'lite us up' when she got electrocuted, but the 'coated' connectors were truly isolated from the water---not sure EITHER one of us would try that trick, but it has made plugging in RV connectors go together without any effort, has done a great job on gun cleaning, and even has made a plastic electric roll up wheel that hasn't worked in years now operate like new. Wish I could set a sales commission from selling this stuff as it will sell itself. Harlan Steinle, Mesa, Arizona

As Cutting Fluid.

"I tried StrikeHold Marine on my drill press, drilling 3/8" flat bar stock. Very impressive, keeps the bit cool and gets the job accomplished! C.L., Georgia


Mechanical & Electrical Miracle.

 "I used StrikeHold Marine on my gate motor and wiring connections. One side of my driveway gate had completely stopped working and I was ready to just change out the motor. Before making the change, I sprayed the motor, all wiring and the switch panel board with StrikeHold Marine! The gate began to work instantly, and is still working today! I have still not changed out the motors. I opened the dust cover on the other side, and sprayed it as well. No more problems!! B.W., Georgia



"I took a $3 LED flashlight and treated it with StrikeHold Marine, the bulb, batteries, and all the internal parts. We used duct tape to attach the light to an old broom handle. We used the light all night flounder gigging in saltwater with zero problems! We use it all the time after just one treatment with StrikeHold Marine, Great Product! E.C.,North Carolina


Restores Corroded Parts.

We service trolling motors. Our first can of StrikeHold Marine was on the self unused, when we opened up a pirticulary corroded motor housing. We estimated parts for the repaire at $500!! Someone mentioned the StrikeHold Marine and the big claims the salesman had made. Long story short, we never replaced the parts, when we sprayed the motor with StrikeHold Marine it started working! Even the plugin that was a regular problem supplying power, when sprayed with StrikeHold Marine worked every time! We are case customers now and recommend StrikeHold Marine to our clients for all marine/saltwater needs. Capt. Dave, North Carolina


Amazing Product.

"The only people not using StrikeHold Marine, don't know about it yet! M.H., Georgia